If a Team Was Built to Entertain Fans, Here’s What it Would Probably Look Like


Being able to awe a crowd with 500 foot blasts, nasty breaking balls, or great defensive plays gains the sport more recognition throughout the nation. If you were to build a baseball team to entertain fans, here’s what it would probably look like. The most fun team to watch.

SP: Clayton Kershaw 

Can anyone really argue here, just look at that curveball.

CP: Aroldis Chapman

Not everyone on this planet can pump 106 MPH.

C: Yadier Molina 

It was a toss up between Yadi and Buster, but just look at this throw.

1B: Miguel Cabrera

The man hit for the triple crown for the first time since 1967. He can also turn an intentional walk into a base knock.

2B: Jose Altuve

Perhaps the mascot for small ball players everywhere (Take that David Eckstein).

3B: Manny Machado 

I know I know, he plays shortstop now. But I will never be able to get over his amazing plays at third base.

SS: Brandon Crawford

He seems to start the ol’ glove flip double play every day, and just look at those luscious locks.

LF: Giancarlo Stanton

We are going to slide Stanton over to the other side of the outfield, how is it humanely possible to hit the ball that hard, and that far?

CF: Mike Trout

The man can hit, the man can field, the man can run, the man can awe a crowd. Plain and simple.

RF: Bryce Harper

The man intentionally does everything in a way that looks so good. 

DH: David Ortiz

Always come through during the clutch, and has hilarious antics like his phone incident

Honorable Mentions: 

P: Chris Sale – Has perhaps the nasty slider in the bigs, and strikes out a lot of batters.

P: Madison Bumgarner – I know, I called him overrated. But the man can rake and is still a great pitcher, makes for a good combo.

C: Buster Posey – Barely missed out due to Molina, won an NL MVP back in 2012, also gives the best hugs in baseball.

SS: Andrelton Simmons – I love the guy, below average hitter, but makes everything on defense look silky smooth.

OF: Yoenis Cespedes – Hits bombs, throws runners out.

OF: Yasiel Puig: Doesn’t hit as many bombs anymore, still throws runners out.

OF: Kevin Kiermaier – The man won a platinum glove last year, that speaks enough.