Edwin Encarnacion Sued for Battery by a Girl He Gave STDs

Edwin Encarnacion sued

TMZ Sports broke news today that Blue Jays slugger Edwin Encarnacion is being sued by a former family friend for battery. The woman is also claiming Encarnacion gave her not one, but two STDs.

The woman stated that she hooked up with another Blue Jay (unnamed) in 2015, and tested clean when she went shortly after the hook up. She then said she hooked up with Edwin on a vacation to Punta Cana earlier this year. The unnamed woman claims she was in pain just days after the Dominican bang fest.

She originally assumed she had contracted Zika (because that’s the go-to assumption when you feel sick in a foreign country). After getting checked she found out she had two STDs. Edwin Encarnacion adamantly told the woman he was clean, and suggested she may have contracted it in the river….?

The lawsuit is for misrepresentation of facts, battery, and some other legal mumbo jumbo. The lawsuit is reportedly for $11.5 million. Shit for that amount of money I’ll take whatever she has. Can you actually be sued for passing STDs? Wrap it up, kids.