Edinson Volquez Threw Worst Start in MLB History

Edinson Volquez

Edinson Volquez just put together one of if not THE worst outing in the history of the MLB.

Everyone knows pitchers have to be mentally strong, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. If you’ve pitched at any high level, chances are no matter how long ago that was, you have one outing in your career that you’ll never forget for not so good reasons. Edinson Volquez will probably never forget the Friday on June 24th when he faced the Astros at Kauffman Stadium.

Volquez allowed 12 runs, 11 earned, 8 hits, and 3 walks, while recording just 1.0 inning pitched. That’s good for an ERA of 99.00 tonight. He did pitch a couple batters into the 2nd inning, but never recorded an out. So statistically, he’ll get credit for 1.0 inning pitched. Here’s how his day went, thanks to George Springer and the Houston Astros.

1st inning

Springer tripled to deep right center.

González singled to right, Springer scored.

Altuve singled to left center, González to second.

Correa grounded into fielder’s choice to second, Altuve out at second, González to third.

Rasmus singled to deep right, González scored, Correa to third.

Gómez singled to left, Correa scored, Rasmus to second.

Valbuena walked, Rasmus to third, Gómez to second.

Gattis safe at first on error by shortstop Escobar, Rasmus scored, Gómez to third, Valbuena to second.

Castro singled to deep right, Gómez scored, Valbuena to third, Gattis to second.

Springer homered to left, Valbuena, Gattis and Castro scored.

González grounded out to first.

Altuve grounded out to pitcher.

2nd inning

Correa walked.

Rasmus singled to right, Correa to third.

Gómez walked, Rasmus to second.

….and that’ll do it for Edinson Volquez.

He becomes the first starting pitcher in MLB history to allow 12 runs in just 1.0 inning pitched (baseball reference). Prayers to him and his psyche after a night like tonight. Hopefully he can recover.