Edinson Volquez Father Passed Away Before His Game 1 Start


Breaking news today as reports became official that Edinson Volquez father passed away today in the Dominican Republic.


Could you imagine? Two of the toughest days in a man’s life, the passing of his father and starting Game 1 of the World Series happen to fall on the same day for Volquez. His father was suffering from heart disease.

Reports say that his father passed away just before game time. A source told Associated Press┬áthat Edinson Volquez was not aware of his father’s passing before taking the mound tonight.

Some reports like the one from NBC Sports┬ástated the Volquez was notified on his way to the park. Obviously information going around everywhere tonight and we won’t know the full story until after the game when Edinson speaks about it.

Regardless, I can’t even imagine hat is going through that man’s mind and body at this point in time. Thoughts and prayers with the Volquez family