DraftKings MLB Lineup 9-1-2015


Here are our lineup picks for tonight’s full 15 game slate of DraftKings MLB DFS action


Gerrit Cole $10,800: Save yourself up to 3k by going Cole over Sale Greinke or Bumgarner. High K rate against the down and out Brewers who know how to strike out. Pirates are on a mission

Drew Smyly $6,900: My middle to lower tier pick would be Drew Smyly. Not a ton of SP innings logged but going up against a Baltimore lineup in the bottom third of the league in wOBA and K% makes this a good option.


Wellington Castillo $4,100: A managable price for a middle of the lineup bat in Coors field against one of the worst pitchers in baseball in Kyle Kendrick. Wind seems to be blowing out pretty heavily tonight too. I’d expect the D Backs to put up some serious runs.

Matt Wieters $2,400: Wieters has struggled lately and his price is dirt cheap. Matchup wOBA of .342 against Smyly tonight

First Base

Evan Gattis $3,700: Please take Gattis against Elias. Gattis is 4-8 off the lefty slugging .800. I get that it’s small, but a good option no matter what angle you’re looking at today

Ben Paulsen $3,600: Cheap exposure to Coors field tonight with a guy who is favorable against righties. Middle of the lineup bat for Colorado, wind blowing heavy out to right tonight.

Second Base

Steve Pearce $2,800: high run total for the O’s tonight at home for some reason. Check the lineups but Pearce could be in the #2 hole against the lefty Smyly. Good price

Daniel Murphy $3,800: Gotta love the Mets offense. Give Murphy a shot at home against the righty Harang who is old and awful. Murphy’s going deep tonight.

Third Base

Kelly Johnson $2,900: 2.9k for a middle of the lineup lefty in a powerful offense against Harang. Sign me up for that.

Alex Rodriguez $4,500: ARod can swing it against righties. Green Monster will be peppered tonight, Yanks have the highest run total on the board.


Troy Tulowitzki $4,200: Hasn’t exactly been Tulo lately but the name on his jersey is still Tulowitzki. Dropped down to the 5-6 spot in the order, but his price dropped with it. Below average pitcher the Jays feed off of. I’d want this cheap exposure to the Jays at home tonight.

Marwin Gonzalez $2,700: Elias is awful and i want some exposure to the Astros bats tonight. Should fit into the top of the order at a very weak SS position as always.


David Peralta $4,700: One of my favorite plays ever. Kyle Kendrick is poop and Peralta is low key one of the best left handed hitters in the league and in the best hitters park in the league

Charlie Blackmon $5,200: Blackmon ranks at one of the top matchup wOBAs on the night v De La Rosa. You always want at least some part of the ARI v COL game. Little pricy but dude rakes and hits lead off

Dexter Fowler $4,200: He went deep for us last night when we played him, I need another! Desclafani of Cincy is poop I’d expect the Cubs to put up some more runs tonight. Wind blowing out to center pretty good