DraftKings MLB DFS Lineup June 4th, 2016

Clayton Kershaw MLB DFS

Kershaw, Kershaw, Kershaw. That’s what this main slate is about. You can try to fade him and go elsewhere, but your chances of cashing will go down significantly. He will be highly owned, my guess would be around 80% in cash, so if he pitches like he should and you avoid him, you’re in big trouble. So pencil him in as your number one priority and I’ll help you fill out the rest! With that being said here are some guys that I like for tonight on Draftkings! Sign up here for a free $3 entry.


Clayton Kershaw – $14,100

Again, just stick him in and don’t look back. The Braves can’t hit a lefty to save their lives. The moneyline is at -426, don’t be dumb.

Andrew Cashner – $5,000

The second cheapest pitcher on the slate. If it weren’t for Kershaw we would be avoiding Cashner all around, but due to the price and the fact that he’s in a pitchers park, as long as he can go about five innings and give up four or less he should hit value and allow us to fill out our bats a little more heavily.


Matt Wieters – $3,900

He is hitting .311 against righties and with the wind blowing out to left field at 7 mph, you have to like the spot he’s in.

First Base:

Eric Hosmer – $3,100

This is more of a pick due to the fact that he is crazy underpriced, he is a $4,000 – $4,500 bat and we can get him at $3,100. He’s also hitting .371 against righties, he’s just too cheap to pass up.

Second Base:

Jonathon Schoop – $3,900

Hitting .273 against righties and he has been HOT! With the O’s projected runs of 4.8, you have to like Schoop. I didn’t love paying up for any other second basemen either.

Third Base:

Jose Ramirez – $3,600

Again, another guy that is underpriced. The guy is one of the hottest hitters in the league, hitting .325 on the season and .333 against righties. Hitting in the five spot tonight, there is nothing not to like.


Corey Seager – $4,200

The guy hit three homers last night, and gets a less than average Bud Norris tonight. You have to love the lefty/righty matchup and with the wind blowing out to center at 6 mph, he could be due for another home run or two.


Charlie Blackmon – $4,400

Yes, he’s going up against Cashner, but let’s face it he’s going to give up some runs, he’s not a great pitcher. With Blackmon hitting leadoff he’s a great bet to hit a homer or steal a few bags. Oh and he’s a career .313 hitter against Cashner, get him in your lineup.

Franklin Gutierrez – $3,400

Hitting second on a team projected to score 4.5 runs with the wind blowing out to right at 8 mph, against a below average pitcher, he’s a great play for some salary relief.

Matt Kemp – $4,200

He’s in the same boat as Jose Ramirez, he’s smoking the ball and should be able to keep it going against a very weak Chad Bettis tonight.

With that being said let’s cash!