Dr. James Andrews on Preventing Youth Baseball Arm Injuries


Dr. James Andrews has long been considered the world’s leading expert in sports injuries, specifically UCL replacement, commonly known as Tommy John surgery. He gave some thoughts on preventing youth baseball arm injuries.

Orlando Sentinel¬†published an article with a video of Dr. James Andrews talking about how to prevent youth baseball arm injuries. He discouraged parents from letting their kids play baseball year round. Kids should take at least two months off, preferably three to four, from throwing a baseball or anything over their heads. He also thinks youth baseball players should refrain from throwing curve balls until they’ve reached puberty.

“Don’t treat 6- and 7-year-old kids like they’re professional athletes…They’re not ready for that level of high-intensity training.”

He’s a big proponent of allowing kids to play multiple sports year round, giving them a break from the wear and tear on the arm from playing in multiple baseball leagues year round. Here’s what he had to say at Florida Hospital.

The problem with the subject of baseball arm injuries is the lack of published research. In the near future, some of the studies that have been going on the last couple years will provide more data and education on what it is that causes these injuries.