Domingo Ayala Speaks Truth About Tommy John Surgery


Everyone has their two cents nowadays on the hot topic of arm injuries from youth baseball all the way to the big leagues. Tommy John surgery is a huge theme within that conversation, and today we get the great Domingo Ayala’s opinion.

The man is preaching some truths here in the typical Domingo comedic form. Back in the day Tommy John was as rare as a big leaguer getting cancer. Nowadays pitchers at all levels are getting the Tommy John UCL repair surgery as often as they’re popping aspirin before a game. Something has to change, and with books like Jeff Passan’s “The Arm” comign out, and all the research MLB has invested in finally providing some data, we’re starting to get some answers. Although, we are still very early in the process.

Hear what Domingo Ayala has to say about the ever more popular Tommy John surgery.