Dodgers Leave Yasiel Puig Home on Road Trip after Tantrum

Yasiel Puig

UPDATE: It’s since been reported that Ken Rosenthal’s original report was inaccurate. Yasiel Puig in fact never showed up to the Dodgers’ clubhouse, thus did NOT storm out.

Dodgers Yasiel Puig is back in the news for something other than his sky high potential. This time it went as far as the Dodgers leaving him home as they left on a road trip to Colorado.

Puig reportedly stormed out of the Dodgers clubhouse today after being informed that he would either be traded or demoted to Triple A. The team then left for their upcoming road trip without him, and that’s that.

The last couple weeks have been filled with rumors that the Dodgers were looking to trade Yasiel Puig. Even questions of who would want a guy with the clubhouse history of a guy like Puig didn’t stop hypotheticals of him landing in Chicago, New York, or Cleveland among many others places.

The Dodgers landed OF Josh Reddick in a trade that brought he and Rich Hill to Los Angeles from Oakland. At that point it was pretty clear the Dodgers had plans for Yasiel Puig that didn’t involve him starting in RF amid a playoff race. It’s fair to say his future in Los Angeles is dim. Does he get demoted to Triple-A? It’s tough to think an organization would want to keep him around at any level with the issues that have brewed over the years. It doesn’t seem smart to put a guy like that in your minor league system, where he’ll rub off on the guys you’re eventually feeding into your big league club.

Puig is hitting .260 / .320 / .386 with a wOBA of .308 and wRC+ of 95 (below league average). 

Since making his MLB debut in 2013, Puig’s numbers have steadily declined year after year, making 2016 his lowest in production. Couple that with his inability to stay healthy and on the field, his clubhouse antics, and you’ve got a cancer to a team. I like to give these foreign players the benefit of the doubt when they come over to play Major League Baseball, simply because the way the game is played here is so very different from what they’re used to. But at 25 years old, and 4 seasons in the Bigs, at some point it’s time to grow up and be held accountable.