Diamondbacks Read Mean Tweets About Uniforms


The Arizona Diamondbacks hopped on the bandwagon of making videos reading mean tweets,but this one was pretty good.

The jury seems to be split down the middle around the baseball world about whether the Diamondbacks new “evolution” uniforms are fire or trash. I honestly don’t even know which way I sway. I like most of them, but some of the 27 in my opinion fall under “try too hard”.

A handful of players, coaches, and staff read these mean tweets from fans on camera absolutely trashing their new uniforms. The players have said they like them, but I find it hard to believe they’re all sold on them.

Seed Sack

Watch the Diamondbacks read mean tweets

What do you think of the uniforms? Actually, that’s a tough question to ask, because I’m still not sure anyone has put a finger on the exact number of uniform combinations the Diamondbacks have. It’s rather hard to keep track of. Some of them are less tacky than others, but a quick shout out to Robbie Ray for the cleats he’s been rocking on the mound in these uniforms. He busts out these Nike Huarache 2K Filth customs with the perfect gradient of grey to black when they wear grey, and a nasty teal swoosh on white cleats when they wear the white uniforms. I’m a huge fan.