Delvin Perez, Projected top 10 MLB Draft Pick Fails Drug Test

Delvin Perez failed drug test MLB Draft

Jon Heyman broke news today that top MLB prospect Delvin Perez has failed a drug test.

With the MLB draft coming up this week, everyone is shuffling their draft boards around last minute. The MLB draft is by far┬áthe most unpredictable of the 4 major sports’ first year player drafts. Some say Delvin Perez is the top player in the draft this year, others have him top 10.

Talent is so difficult to judge in baseball especially for players being drafted at age 17. A lot of what teams will break down are things like maturity, injury history, and of course drug test history? Taking PEDs in today’s culture of the drugs and testing in baseball is just moronic, but Delvin Perez’s situation might prove to be even dumber for one big reason.

He has no college commitment.

He hasn’t committed to any university. He was fully planning on signing slot-money as a top pick in this year’s draft. So now what? I’m sure there are plenty of schools that would still take the shortstop, but it’s obvious that options will be a bit slimmer this time around. And according to what you read about the attitude problems being an issue as well, I’m not sure Delvin Perez is the higher education type.

Where will Perez fall? He’ll still be a top draft pick, but there’s no doubt that he’ll drop now. Although it’s in Perez’s favor that most scouts and analysts are saying that this year’s draft class is really lacking the top-heavy standout talents. Still a lot of talent to choose from, but the class is more consistent through the middle rounds as opposed to being top-heavy with a few standout prospects well above the rest. There are teams that because of the landscape, will surely still take a chance on Delvin Perez, despite the new issues brought to the table. Dropping just a couple spots can result in some big bucks lost, with MLB’s new “slot-money” system implemented a few years ago. Teams only have a certain amount of money to spend divided up throughout the whole draft.

No word on what the punishment may or may not be. Don’t be stupid kids.