Delmon Young Arrested & Charged with Battery

Delmon Young

Super Bowl Sunday must’ve been a wild one for one current MLB free agent. An altercation with valet in Miami got 30 year old Delmon Young arrested and charged with battery.

The incident occurred in Miami where the police report indicated that he had an altercation with the valet while trying to get back to his hotel room. The victim wouldn’t let Delmon Young use the elevator in the hotel because the club that the hotel elevator led to, happened to be closed. After repeating that information multiple times, the man claimed Delmon Young choked him for about 5 seconds, and was threatened.

“Stupid Cuban, open the f****** door.”

“I’m going to f****** kill you, you Latin piece of s***.”

Police later responded to the hotel, and confronted Delmon Young in his hotel room. Police said Young was naked from the waist down when he answered the door. All of these incidents were caught on tape which hasn’t been released yet (and may never be).

Delmon Young isn’t a guy you frequently hear about in the news, but this actually isn’t his first run in with trouble. Anyone remember this video? He was suspended 50 games in 2006 for throwing a bat at an umpire during a game.