Dellin Betances hits James McCann in the head with 98 mph


Following the benches clearing brawl between Tigers and Yankees that was sparked between Miguel Cabrera and Austin Romine, we’ve got more action.

Shortly after that happened, Dellin Betances, Yankee flamethrower, goes up and in with a fastball to hit James McCann in the helmet with 98 mph. Disagreements happen, benches clear, fights break out, but this is when it becomes not okay. Fastballs of this speed up near the head and neck are what end careers.

I don’t think Betances meant to hit McCann in the head, but that’s the risk you take when you decide to throw *at* someone.

James McCann looks to be okay for the time being. Suspensions and fines will be handed out freely to many involved in the happenings in Detroit today.