Dee Gordon Suspended 80 Games for Positive PED Test

Dee Gordon Suspended

It happened again.

Miami Marlins Dee Gordon has been handed down an 80 game suspension by Major League baseball after testing positive for PEDs. Gordon won the NL batting title last year. He will be suspended without pay, which will hurt him a bit more than it hurt Chris Colabello last week who will only lose out on about $250,000, while Dee Gordon will lose about $1.5 million.

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This is extremely sad news for baseball as Dee Gordon becomes the 2nd in two weeks to be handed down the 80 games for failed PED test. He tested positive for “exogenous Testosterone and Clostebol.” Gordon and Colabello definitely seemed like they fell under some of the “good guys” in the league which makes this even more heartbreaking. Can’t wait to hear Gordon’s response. Will he deny to the grave like Colabello?

The 2015 NL Batting Champion Dee Gordon recently signed a 5 year $50 million contract extension with the Miami Marlins.

In 2015 he slashed .333 / .359 / .418. Don’t forget to add 58 stolen bases to that.