Dear Mike Piazza

Dear Mike Piazza,

With a lot of the hype of The Kid being inducted alongside you this year, I feel that it’s necessary that we remember how great you truly were to most Mets fans and baseball fans alike.

When you first arrived at Shea Stadium in 1998, I was not even born yet. That didn’t happen until August 18th, a date that seemed to be good to you seeing that from the time I was able to go to the stadium, you would almost hit a dinger every time when my family and I would go. Watching the Sultan of Squat belt home runs was what I looked forward to every birthday. Every year we would go, in the same seats about 40 rows behind the Mets dugout, on August 18th, and almost every time, there was a 4 bagger waiting to be hit. And then theres the home run in the first game back after 9/11. With one home run, you helped to show Americans that even in a countries darkest hour, the beauty of baseball can make everything feel alright.

However, the purpose of this letter is not to praise your stats, as impressive as they may be, or to talk about your clutch performances. Rather I am writing this to thank you; to thank you on behalf of Mets fans every where for all the joy you have brought to us. You helped me personally to realize that baseball was not just a game. You helped me to see that baseball was something that stays inside you forever. Baseball fans and players like myself will always know that in times when there is no one there for us, times when we just need to get away, and as is most of the time, whenever we just want to have a good time, baseball will always be there for us.

Without you being the player that you were, theres a chance that I never would have fallen in love with this great game, and for that, I owe you everything.