David Ortiz Has Price’s Back

David Ortiz
Boston, MA - 05/30/14 (4th inning) Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz is restrained by umpire Jeff Kellogg as both benches cleared in the fourth inning. The Boston Red Sox host the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 1 of a three game series at Fenway Park. - (Barry Chin/Globe Staff), Section: Sports, Reporter: Peter Abraham, Topic: 31Red Sox-Rays, LOID: 7.3.3309107321.

The so called “war” between David Ortiz and David Price was no secret to baseball fans. Price and Ortiz have been feuding since 2013, and war was declared when Ortiz was nailed by a pitch Price threw back in 2014.

However, when the Red Sox picked up David Price this season, there was no saying how the two David’s would react. Monday morning, they came face to face in the clubhouse, with cameras rolling.¬†Instead of any harsh words or fists thrown, the only thing that was exchanged was a handshake turned hug.

I got your back.” Ortiz said.

And Ortiz, better known as “Big Papi”, is a guy who you definitely want to have your back. Despite having announced his retirement after the 2016 season, Big Papi is a rockstar on the field. With 503 homers and 1,641 RBI’s, this force is not to be reckoned with.
At the same time, Ortiz has the reputation of being one of the friendliest, goofy, and well known guys in the league. A fan favorite, kids eagerly flock from all over the stadium to find Papi.

Even though Price may not have feat the same in the past, he is ready to put the hard feelings behind him.

Price and Ortiz posed for a picture during spring training.
Price and Ortiz posed for a picture during spring training.

I didn’t know Big Papi the person. I only knew the baseball player. That’s what makes this game so special- to get to know people on a personal level, because that stuff lasts forever. Baseball is going to end for everybody at some point, you have the relationships and friendships to take away from it,” Price told reporters.

Fans have high hopes for the new David, and continue to love the old David. The question is, can the two bury the hatchet and bring the Red Sox another ring?

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