David Ortiz Flips Out On Terrible Call

Worst Call Ever

David Ortiz Ejected

In Friday nights game between the Red Sox and Yankees, David Ortiz flipped out over a called strike that was CLEARLY a ball, right?

Take a good look at that pitch. It was extremely low, and simply unhittable. The count is 3-1, bases loaded, 1 man out. Sox are down a run. If that’s called a ball, Red Sox tie the game in the 9th inning. But nope, the home plate umpire (Ron Kulpa) decided to tug on Papi’s nuts. Why? What is the point of that? Are you really that bad at your job?

And to top that one off, Kulpa called Ortiz out looking on a pitch that could’ve easily been called a ball. It ended up being measured as 5.5 inches below the strike zone.

Seed Sack

What the hell, man? You could’ve helped the cause a little bit by calling that one a ball. Maybe Ortiz would’ve forgiven you. Maybe. Clearly this guy has a death wish, now being hated by every Boston fan and every Red Sox player. David Ortiz wanted to rip his head off.

After this night, I’m speechless. The Red Sox were robbed of possibly winning this game. If Ortiz walked, the game would’ve been tied with 1 out and the bases jacked for Hanley. Porcello would’ve also got the no-decision, rather picking up his first loss of the season. No more undefeated Porcello. Worst day of my life. Thanks a lot, Kulpa.