Braves Daniel Winkler Fractures Elbow Mid Pitch


It’s every pitcher’s worst nightmare. An arm injury is one of the most feared incidents among all pitchers, but especially those who make a living with their arm. Braves Daniel Winkler fractured his elbow mid pitch against the Cardinals this week.

Winkler was beginning what would’ve been his rookie year. He suffered an elbow injury that required Tommy John surgery back in 2014, and I’m sure he was thrilled to be healthy enough to start the season in the bigs with the Atlanta Braves. Even more terrifying than an arm injury, would be a sudden one like this. Most injuries pitchers face happen gradually over time, rather than an instant fracture or tear like in this situation. Every pitcher is watching this video and cringing, and probably feeling a little tingle down the arm. Feel your pain, Daniel Winkler. Hoping this second arm injury doesn’t keep him out of baseball again. Watch with caution.