Dan Haren Explaining a Song to his Daughter is Comedy


For those of you who don’t know Dan Haren, he is a 35 year-old retired baseball player who played professional ball for 13 years.

Haren’s Twitter handle is @ithrow88, indicating the relatively low velocity of his fastball. Haren clearly wasn’t known for throwing gas, and he has a great sense of humor about it. I’ve followed him on Twitter for some time now and I’ve seen some quality tweets along the way. Today, Haren tweeted something that I laughed at for a solid 5 minutes.

Go ahead, get your laughs out. This tweet made my day.

“I Took A Pill In Ibiza” is a new song from Mike Posner, and it’s played frequently on radio Hip-Hop stations. Haren shared that this song is his 6 year-old daughters favorite. When asked what kind of pill Posner was singing about, Haren told his daughter it was a Flintstone Multivitamin. Absolute comedy.

As little kids, we all used to take our daily vitamins that were shaped as Flintstone characters. For Dan Haren to think of that as a response to a tough question like that is gold. Keep it going with the tweets, Dan. I appreciate you making my day.

Here’s a video of the new Mike Posner song. It’s pretty catchy, I don’t blame his daughter for loving it.