Curt Schilling Wrongfully Fired?


You’ve probably seen by now, Curt Schilling has been terminated by ESPN after his last round with offending people on Facebook with a post he shared about the trans-gender bathroom issue.┬áIt certainly wasn’t the first time he said or did something online that his employer didn’t like. He’s served multiple suspensions in the past for it, but apparently this was the last straw. But was Curt Schilling wrongfully terminated? Let’s take a look at the other side of the coin.

So I was scrolling through Curt Schilling’s twitter last night, and was a little shocked at some of the stuff I was reading. I guess I shouldn’t actually be shocked that he was still active running his mouth on twitter. He was mostly defending himself against the anonymous tweeters. But there was one tweet that caught my eye.

Seed SackMichael Hagen tweeted in a link straight from It was a full page of words from Walt Disney himself on the topic of faith, church, bible study, prayer & God. Here was the sentence the tweeter was talking about:

“…I learned to believe in the basic principle of the right of man to exercise his faith and thoughts as he chooses…”

This is not a discussion on which side of the political coin you’re on. Just an interesting thought. Walt Disney believed in a man’s right to exercise his faith and thoughts as he chooses. Do you think posting on Facebook or Twitter qualifies as exercising thoughts? It seems to me it would. So what exactly was Curt Schilling fired for? For offending people with his political thoughts or his faith on Facebook? Are we in the midst of a huge confusion between offensive and difference in opinion?


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