Curt Schilling Doesn’t Plan to Be with ESPN Much Longer

Curt Schilling

Barstool Sports¬†– Apparently Curt Schilling doesn’t have a ton of confidence in his employment status with ESPN. But why should he? He’s not a dumb guy, I’m sure he’s aware that his big mouth and even bigger twitter mouth don’t mesh well with a company the size of ESPN, especially being on air.

ESPN has suspended Schilling multiple times for things he’s said on air, or for things he’s tweeted. Remember the incident on twitter regarding his daughter’s college softball commitment? I mean I can’t fault him for that, really. But he was pretty bold. And you can’t forget the latest time ESPN suspended him for his tweets¬†regarding hitler and muslim extremists?

It’s evident in his lack of confidence with his job status by this filing from his donation to the Ben Carson campaign.

Curt Schilling

Good for him. For the record if he’s ever looking for an outlet to talk all the shit he wants, he’s welcome here. Get at me “Curtis.”