Curt Schilling Causing Trouble Online Again


Curt Schilling is back at it again stirring up trouble and controversy online.

This time he’s back on Facebook sharing things that the softy world finds offensive. This one was just weird though. He shared the post below on Facebook (since deleted) about transgender men in a women’s bathroom. He didn’t leave it at just the picture though, he added some personal commentary and explanation as well

curt schilling facebook

Curt Schilling is becoming a legend online. He runs his social media accounts like the rest of our Facebook friends but apparently when you’re Curt Schilling you can’t exactly say the things everyone else says.

I find it interesting how in this world where everyone preaches freedom and equality, men can freely choose to be a woman, but men can’t choose to disagree with men becoming women? Does that seem ironic to anyone else? According to the majority, North Carolina businesses¬†shouldn’t be able to deny service to those whose beliefs they disagree with, but companies can refuse to do business in North Carolina because of their beliefs? I don’t care which side of the fence you sit on, the logic behind that doesn’t make much sense.

Seriously though if most of you saw this post on your Facebook feed you probably wouldn’t even look twice. This is pretty par for the course on Facebook.

The guy is rather outspoken when it comes to his political and social beliefs. To me, that’s just fine (even if I disagree with some of his thoughts) because I thought that’s what we were striving for? But that’s clearly not the case, so my mistake….

Let’s take a look at some more of the ridiculous stuff Curt Schilling posts online, just to refresh your memory. He has a lot of fun with the Muslim and Islam memes too.

curt schilling posts online facebook
curt schilling posts online facebookcurt schilling post online facebook