Cubs Fan Celebrates on Field With Arrieta

Cubs Fan Jake Arrieta

I know you saw it. Jake Arrieta threw his 2nd no hitter in a span of 9 starts. Yes you read that right. Just hop on twitter search “goat” or “Jake Arrieta” and you’l find all the incredible numbers and statistical highlights over the last two seasons.

What you might not have seen, is the Cubs fan in Cincinnati that was waiting down the right field line for his moment…and it came. Upon the final pitch of Jake Arrieta’s no hitter this Cubs fan hopped the railing and took off on a dead sprint for the pitchers mound. He made it past a good number of security guards and police officers to make his way into the huddle and jump around in celebration with the Cubs.

He got in there good too. At one point you can see him go fully face to face with the GOAT himself. Impressive move. Worth it? I’ve never really looked into the consequences of doing something like this. What even is the punishment for running on the field? I don’t know. But as long as I’m not spending more than two nights in jail, I’d consider this opportunity worth it.

The kids name is Dylan Cressy. Congrats kid, heroes get remembered, but legends never die. You’re certainly a legend now.