Cubs Could Land Aroldis Chapman in the Perfect Blockbuster Trade

Aroldis Chapman Trade

It’s that time of the year when we hear every possible trade possibility writers can muster up. Just a couple weeks short of the deadline, we’ll hear it all, and likely still be blindsided by a trade we never saw coming.

The Yankees seem to be at the center of most of the trade talk for a couple reasons. One, New York is still in denial about whether the Yankees will be buyers or sellers. Two, they’ve got pieces, which they always do. Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, and Carlos Beltran make a couple of the most attractive trade pieces to many clubs. With what the Royals have done, winning behind a bolstered back-end of the bullpen, many teams are looking to play copy cat. This makes Chapman and Miller the two hottest pieces potentially ready to move.

One of the speculated potential blockbuster trades, could be between the Yankees and Cubs. Jeff Passan wrote a piece suggesting that Aroldis Chapman for Kyle Schwarber might work. It makes sense for a couple reasons.

The Cubs could certainly use a piece like Chapman (who couldn’t). But Kyle Schwarber would be the perfect addition to play in the Bronx. It’s almost as if his game was crafted for Yankee Stadium. He’d be your prototypical Bronx Bomber, with the left handed power taking advantage of the short porch in right field.

But why would an organization trade away a player like Kyle Schwarber for a relief pitcher of any kind? As Cubs fans know, for most teams, a chance at a championship doesn’t come too often. In today’s age we’ve become obsessed with young players and prospects. But what most young players and prospects lack, is proven experience. This is not to say that Kyle Schwarber won’t be one of the league’s greats in the next decade, but we need to consider the value we place on doing everything you can to win a championship NOW vs preparing to be good in the future. It’s the Chicago Cubs we’re talking about here. In my opinion, you do everything you have to do if you truly feel this is the year, which most of Cubs nation does. That being said, it’s likely the Yankees would have to add a couple more pieces to that deal, but never in baseball history, has a trade that helped a team win a championship been declared a failure, I don’t care how successful a prospect goes on to be.

Read the piece from Jeff Passan here