Crafty Events to Add to the MLB All Star Game

2016 MLB All Star Events

The Major League Baseball All Star game has surely had its fair share of criticism about how the voting and game process works, but is still one of the gems of the baseball season. Whatever your opinion may be about the game’s purpose there is no other event that brings the kind of star power the MLB All Star Game and Home Run Derby bring.

With the week already having two star studded events, Major League Baseball could take a page out of the NBA’s All Star week and include more team oriented events. The Home Run Derby’s new clock system makes the derby much more strategic for contestants as it challenges hitters stamina as they tee off.

Lesser prominent events that could highlight different aspects of the game could be introduced for the week. Here are some events that could happen.

“Tag Team Event”

Showcasing every tool the game has to offer the tag team event would start off with a speed demon running from home to second. From there a slick infielder would take six balls at the shortstop position ending on a slow roller to his glove side. After that an outfielder with a cannon would throw four balls. Two would go to second base, another to third then firing one home. After that a participant in the Home Run Derby needs to hit a home run for the timer to finally end for his team.

“Hitting into Field Zones”.

Maybe you’ve seen this in baseball video games, but each portion of the field would be worth a certain amount of points when a hitter hits it there. Obviously the field wouldn’t be color coded, but a hitter would be known which slice of the field is worth a certain amount of points. This would put a challenge on a hitter to hit the ball to different parts of the field in order to rack up more points instead of sitting back and trying to pull everything.

“Defensive Team Drill”

Defense has taken a bag seat as far as being something that gets people to fill seats, but there are still players that thrive on using their leather. Similar to a pregame routine four infielders of the same team would go through a routine that would include everything from 5-4-3 to 4-6-3 double plays. There would be a total of eight balls hit and once the eighth play is complete the timer would stop. This wouldn’t be a headliner, but would still be an event that gives the best defensive infielders credit for the work they do with the glove.

So while the All Star Game and whole weekend already have some pros and cons these events may not push the week over the top but could be another set of events fan would be interested in seeing. Combining all skill sets into one event could showcase even more star power that the game possess. A new timed system for the Home Run Derby is a great start for the advancement of these events, but Major League Baseball could go even further with expansion of events like these above.