Corpus Christi Minor League Collision


Corpus Christi’s Danry Vasquez and Mott Hyde collided as the LF and SS were both attempting to catch a shallow outfield blooper in a game in San Antonio on May 16th.

Scary moment here. These two Houston Astros Minor Leaguers collided pretty hard and very awkwardly. Looks like Danry Vasquez suffered some type of knee injury. His entire left leg was immobilized on the ground. Mott Hyde on the other hand took most of the collision to the face. It looks like he was lights out on the ground for a while. After stabilizing his neck for possible neck/back injury, he waited lying in the outfield grass for the better part of 20 minutes before an ambulance arrived and he was taken off on a stretcher.

Seed Sack

This is a tough one to avoid. Neither player calls the other off the ball, because it looks like neither of them were sure they were going to get there. Most collisions also don’t fall so awkwardly with one persons knee clocking the other in the head.