Cornerstone University Baseball Facility

Cornerstone U: Baseball Stadium: Student Housing from field, Playing field

Talk about eye candy… Cornerstone University Baseball facility. if you’ve never seen this before, you need to. I remember looking at colleges in high school and checking out the baseball fields. I was in awe when I saw a locker room, an in-ground dugout, and a functioning sound system. Imagine┬áthe look in a recruit’s eyes stepping onto this facility at Cornerstone University. The Golden Eagles have dorm rooms looking over their baseball field. The worst part? They went 26-31 in 2015. How? Grand Rapids, MI must be an awful place to go to school. I can’t think of any other reason to not be able to field a winning program with these facilities. One of the most beautiful baseball field / dorm / facilities I’ve ever seen at a small school. What’s the deal?