Coping With The MLB Offseason


“Inside corner! The Royals, 2015 World Champions!”

The moment Joe Buck uttered these words as Wade Davis struck out Wilmer Flores to end the 2015 World Series, feelings of despair crashed over my body and spirit. First, I really didn’t want the Royals to win the World Series because they pissed me off multiple times throughout the season. (Sorry, Royals fans.)

I also had to very suddenly come to terms with the fact that baseball season was over. The long, cold, dark winter months were staring me right in the face as the Royals lost their minds on the infield at Citi Field. I love baseball and have played it since I was a toddler. I have never been very interested in other sports and while I can watch football and hockey and enjoy the games, I do not obsess over the other them the way I obsess over baseball. If baseball is really the only sport you truly follow, you know how I feel.

MLB OffseasonTrying to get through the baseball offseason is an extremely daunting task. The Hot Stove helps, but in the end only makes you miss the season even more. When the Red Sox signed David Price I was filled with the kind of adrenaline that only baseball season brings me. The same kind of adrenaline you get when your team ties it up in the ninth with a moonshot. The initial feeling soon wore off, and I found myself longing even more given that I knew David Price would be on the hill Opening Day in Cleveland. There are still a couple good offseason storylines to follow, but I got over the thrill of the Hot Stove after the Winter Meetings. Let’s get to the good stuff…I’ll even take pitchers and catchers reporting at this point. Can’t the baseball gods help a guy out?

Soon enough we’ll be able to put the winter behind us. We’ll go back to watching Bryce Harper drop dingers across the country. Mike Trout will go back to making ridiculous plays on nightly basis. The ballpark will rise as one when the closer gets to a two strike count. Fans will get back into their habit of screaming at the umpires through the TV. We’ll go back to worshiping the greatest players in the world, and all will be right in the world again.