College Scholarships Are Earned Not Given


In the world of collegiate athletics there is a general assumption that the athletes are given everything and that they live this lavish lifestyle with their college baseball scholarships. The tuition is paid for, books are paid for, and some are lucky enough to even get their housing paid for. So yes, maybe they do have it made, but it was definitely not a handout. To just receive a scholarship an athlete must have a level of dedication that surpasses the drive of so many other young players competing for that same scholarship.

Once an athlete actually steps foot on college campus it only gets harder. Every week is filled with twenty hours of baseball practice, fifteen hours of class, and eight hours of mandatory study hall. Athletes endure the same time commitment of a full time job and that is without, but without the pay. As far as academics are concerned colleges and universities hold their athletes to a higher standard than a normal full-time student.
 So please tell them again how easy it is to be a student athlete.