College Baseball Recruiting Camps and Showcases, Worth It?

College Baseball recruiting camps and showcases

We like to publish content regarding your college baseball recruiting process (and softball) to help you with the things you need to know. Here’s copy from one of the emails we send out to our recruiting list (join free here).

If you’re a Junior or Senior in high school playing baseball or softball, your mailbox and email inbox are probably being flooded with invites to college ball camps and showcases as well as tons of recruiting information.

At first sight, you’re thinking “oh sweet I got invited to Georgia Tech baseball camp for a workout!”

That’s cool and all but there are things you should know about all of these college camps and showcase invites.

Schools and companies putting on these softball and baseball showcases like to send out these envelopes and emails in a way that makes players feel like they were hand chosen to attend. Going to a showcase or camp will NEVER┬áhurt you, but they can get pretty expensive. It’s important to keep in mind that these events are for profit. Many of them will have hundreds of high school baseball and softball players showing up and participating.

Your letter from the University of Texas inviting you to their baseball camp does not mean you’re on their recruiting watch list. If you can afford it, feel free to attend. I’m sure it’ll be fun, you’ll get to check out campus and facilities, and you might just learn a thing or two. Just don’t be bummed if your phone doesn’t ring with Augie Garrido on the line after you leave the camp.

If you’re looking to pay to attend some college baseball recruiting showcases or camps, check their website or contact whoever is putting on the event to see which schools will be attending. Make sure there are schools on that list that you’d consider attending, and feel you could play at. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out to some of the schools attending, introducing yourself prior to the showcase or camp.