College Baseball Is Back – Highlights from Day 1


Ah February, the special time of year when college teams migrate west or to the south to play teams 2 hours away from them.

College baseball returned today to start what will obviously be a great season and mere hours after the season began Western Kentucky’s Kaleb Duckworth walked off a win over Valparaiso on opening day. Oh how sweet it is to have the sweet crack of the bat back.

Here are some more highlights from the first night of college baseball.

Brendan McKay is off to a hot early start on becoming one of college ball’s most valuable players. How you gonna K 9 guys and go donkey in a 2-3 at the plate on opening day? Must be nice.

17 total bases? I think I know some guys who have gone an entire season without totaling 17 bases. Fragale is seeing beach balls at the plate fight from the get go. Also must be nice.

These types of highlights are my personal favorite. No regard for human life diving that close to the wall. Opening Day non conference match ups, and Turner Bishop doesn’t give a damn.

This is a ball that should be conceded as a base hit. Stephen Kerr is a dick for stealing this one IMO.


You can catch a whole lineup of college ball games all weekend. Mostly shitty match ups for college baseball’s top 25, but it’s our first taste of ball for the year. Tune into Watch ESPN, and respective college conference networks to catch some games online this weekend, if you’re into that sorta thing. I am.