Coaches Fist Fight at Little League Baseball Game


This video obtained by ABC News from an anonymous source, shows two coaches of a Little League team in Cooper, Florida going full out fist fight brawl.

ABC says the disagreement between the coaches started when one coach put in a pinch runner for a kid on base. No further detail about what started the argument but it had to be something hot right? The one coach comes charging in off the bench in full rage mode, and landed a punch to the left side of the other coach’s face.

Police said the coach that threw the punch was read his Miranda Rights, but the coaches settled it with police there, shook hands, and no charges were made. Both parties signed a waiver after the truce.

This shit is insane. You’ve got some serious mental issues if something during a Little League baseball game can get you hot enough to go deck another coach in front of everybody. Notice the catcher just chillin there watching. I doubt this will make the kids want to play baseball. Isn’t that the big push in Little League nowadays?

I actually read on NY Daily News that the one coach called told the other his mother is a “f—— b—-” which was seen incredibly messed up since that coach’s mother had recently passed away. What a bunch of lunatics.