Clayton Kershaw and His Out-Of-This-World Numbers

Kershaw is on pace to break many personal single-season records.


After striking out Bartolo Colon for his 100th strikeout on the season, Clayton Kershaw struck-out another five batters in the Sunday night game against the Mets. With only 5 walks, this brings his K/BB (strikeout to walk) ratio to an astounding 21/1.

kershaw 100

Lets take a look at these numbers. The closest any other starter has come to hitting this mark after his first 100 strikeouts was Cliff Lee, according to Lee had a ratio of 100/7. Lee also did not hit the 100 strikeout mark until July 22nd. Clayton Kershaw did it in only about 2 months of play and 11 starts.

Looking at a visual, courtesy of, you can see just how ridiculous Kershaw is. Two of his walks were questionable, but he has managed to strikeout batters with all different pitches in every part of the zone. His command is scary.

kershaw strikeoutsSomething else to note is that Kershaw is currently doubling the best K/BB ratio by a pitcher who qualified for the ERA title (Phil Hughes finished the 2014 season with an 11.63 ratio).

His WHIP is also sitting at 0.65 on the season. He is currently on pace to break the record in the modern era, Pedro Martinez currently holds the record of 0.74.

One last number to look at is what Kershaw is projected to do. Lets say that Kershaw starts 33 games, which he can easily reach and has reached in four of the last five years. He would be on a record-setting pace for 315 strikeouts and only 15 walks. This would shatter his old record of 301, which is currently the most strikeouts in a year by any active pitcher.

There are many things that can happen between now and the end of the season, but if Clayton Kershaw can keep the pace, he can have a very memorable year. You do not want to miss any of his starts this summer.