Clayton Kershaw Curveball Ks – All 98 of Them in 2015


Clayton Kershaw has arguably been the most dominating pitcher in the game over the last handful of seasons. Once again in 2015, he was one of the most feared pitchers around the league. You can mention Jake Arrieta, and Zack Greinke all you want, but there’s one thing that sets Clayton Kershaw far above the rest.

His curveball.

One of the most feared pitches in the game, a Clayton Kershaw curveball was the reason for 98 of his K’s this season, more than anyone else in baseball (via Ace of MLB Stats)

It never gets old watching that 12-6 breaking piece buckle knees and break hearts. So True Blue LA (SB Nation) threw together a video compilation of all 98 of those curveballs that resulted in K’s.