Is Clay Buchholz Going To Remain A Lousy Starter?

Clay has been having a rough few years, does that mean he will continue to produce poor numbers for the Red Sox?

Clay Buckholz

In September of 2007, the name Clay Buchholz was buzzing around the MLB after he recorded his first no-hitter, in only his second major league start.

Then what happened? Let’s take a look at a timeline of his career with Boston.

The end of his 2007 season however was shut down, due to shoulder fatigue.

2008 Clay was placed on the 15 day disabled list because of a hurt fingernail. He then pitched for AAA Pawtucket and eventually was recalled to the Red Sox. His season did not end up as he would have liked as he ended the 2008 season with only 3 wins and a whopping 15 losses.

Buchholz was not a dependable starter in 2009 after hurting himself yet again – with Buchholz on the mound the Red Sox were the bad news bears.

Seed Sack

In 2010 Clay Buchholz was due for a good season. He came through with a strong first half to the season. He was 10-4 and had an ERA under 3. Buchholz earned himself a spot at the All Star Game but wasn’t able to play after he was put on the disabled list for a pulled hamstring.

He made his return in 2010 and finished the season 17-7 with an ERA under 2.50 – He also finished 6th in AL Cy Young voting.

Buchholz would have a rough year in 2011 going 6-3 with an ERA around 3.50 – He was hurt most of the year and couldn’t show Sox fans what he had.

Clay wanted to show fans that he was worth the 4-year $30,000,000 contract he signed on April 10th.

When the 2012 season rolled around Clay was ready. He spent the offseason preparing for his starts. He started off the season going 8-2 – Fans were beginning to believe in him and what he had in store for the season.

On June 26 he was diagnosed with esophagitis and was again placed on the DL.

He finished off his 2012 season pitching in 29 games with a record of 11-8 and an ERA around 4.50.

2013 was a big year for the Red Sox. It was the year they would go to the World Series against the Cardinals and leave victorious. Buchholz started off going 5-0 in the month of April, and was named a pitcher of the month. He would go on to be 9-0 before getting put back on the DL because of a neck-strain. He would end up coming back towards the end of the season and pitching well for Boston, and helped them get their World Series rings.

In 2014 and 2015 Buchholz didn’t pitch great for the Sox, he was more of a “meh” pitcher. He didn’t post strong numbers at all and fans began to rely on other players. 

Now in 2016 Sox fans at times wish Clay didn’t even touch the rubber in the first place. His numbers are weak. He claims he hits his spots but I don’t understand how someone can throw a low inside fastball to Colby Rasmus with the bases loaded. The kid is an absolute goon. 

The guy will not produce yet again this season and in my opinion should be pitching in the minors. Without Clay Buchholz this year the Red Sox are actually playing well, and even with Clay the team is able to sneak an occasional win. They can’t just rely on Price and Porcello, they need Buchholz to step up or get out. So it looks like Clay will be getting out, there is no one out there that wants Buchholz pitching for their team. The dude’s career is a mess and in my opinion is coming to a close.

It’s too bad that a man with high potential at a point in time, could be held back by injuries and ultimately become ineffective and unreliable.