Should Clay Buchholz Fear Losing His Job?

Clay's popularity in Boston is at an all time low.

Clay Buchholz

Tonight, Clay Buchholz started his outing perfectly, retiring the first 9 batters he faced. As the game progressed and he fell out of rhythm, and things took a turn for the worst. In the fourth inning, he gave a 2 run home run to Carlos Gonzales. Not catastrophic, yet it blew the lead, producing a tie game. Clay’s real problems came in the fifth inning, giving up two 2-run home runs. After a parade of boos from the Red Sox faithful, he finally exited the game.

Seed Sack

Here are a few examples of why Boston fans hate him so much

The question everyone should be asking is if BuchholzĀ has a legitimate chance at being taken out of the rotation. Realistically; yes. Patience has grown extremely thin among Boston’s fan base and front office.

The biggest threat Clay Buchholz faces is Eduardo Rodriguez, the young pitcher that is finally recovering from a knee injury, and is expected to be at 100% very soon, even before Clay’s next scheduled start.

E-rod had a relatively impressive rookie season recording 10 wins with a 3.85 ERA. This would be a large step up from Buchholz’ ERA, which is consistently around 6 this year.

Rodriguez is an exciting young player who it seems the Red Sox want to find space in their rotation for, and it seems as if the perfect opportunity to do so revealed itself in Clay’s outing tonight.

It seems as if Buchholz’ production has been at a gradual decline since he threw a no hitter in his second career start, and he has now reached a new low. I would not be surprised if we hear news of Clay’s removal from the rotation, or even a possible DFA.