Christian Yelich Attorney Looking Into “False and Defamatory” Video Claims

Christian Yelich

This has got to be one of the most bizarre almost controversies I’ve ever seen. On twitter today, Christian Yelich was rumored to be in a video tweeted by @squirters. The video showed some dude nose deep in some chicks butt.

Yelich publicly denied the claims that it was him in the video in a tweet that he ended up deleting. But of course, nothing gets deleted from the internet. Here’s what he said.

A false and defamatory video was tweeted about me the past 24hrs. It is 100% not me in the video. My attorneys are looking into it

I guess he deleted the tweet after he realized how ridiculous it was to address a rumor about him being in a leaked video eating ass? His attorney is saying that he is looking into the incident, and that the claims are false and defamatory. I’m not sure what kind of legal ground they have on this, but best of luck with that.

Who was the first person that decided that the top of this dude’s head resembled that of Christian Yelich? At least 3 million people on earth have a top of the head that resembles this dark curly headed dude’s, and Yelich gets the shit end of this stick.

You can view the NSFW video here.