Chris Colabello Suspended for PEDs – Full Statement

Chris Colabello Suspended for PEDs
Local Input~ TORONTO: MAY 6, 2015 -- Toronto Blue Jays left fielder Chris Colabello at batting practice. PHOTO: JOHN LOTT/NATIONAL POST

Toronto Blue Jays Chris Colabello has been suspended 80 games after testing positive for a banned substance.

The substance is listed as dehydrochlormethyltestosterone, also known as Turinabol. I’m not sure what he felt this substance was doing for him since on the year so far he has 2 hits, and is hitting .069 with 0 HR and 1 lone RBI.

My least favorite part of seeing these cases is hearing the statements they muster up in response to why they failed a drug test. Here’s what Chris Colabello had to say via CBC Sports

On March 13, I got one of the scariest and most definitely the least-expected phone calls of my entire life. I was informed by the players’ association that a banned substance was found in my urine…I have spent every waking moment since that day trying to find an answer as to why or how? … I would never compromise the integrity of the game of baseball…I am saddened more for the impact this will have on my teammates, the organization and the fans of the Toronto Blue Jays. I hope that before anyone passes judgment on me they can take a look at the man that I am, and everything that I have done to get to where I am in my career.

Oh yea? Super mystery I bet. The list of banned substances in Major League Baseball is a mile long, and some are worse than others. Some are more commonly found than others should you walk into your local nutrition store. This substance however, a classic anabolic steroid. Don’t you hate when your trainers accidentally rub you with creams, and slip stuff in your drink?

Don’t give me this “I love the game” stuff.

If you knowingly take a performance enhancing drug, you don’t love the game, you love what the game does for YOU.

Colabello will be suspended 80 games without pay. That means he’ll lose out on approximately $227,891 of his $521,126 salary this year.