Chris Colabello Opens Up in an Interview About PED Suspension


Blue Jays Chris Colabello was recently handed down an 80 game suspension without pay for failing a PED test during the Spring. If you missed it, Colabello tested positive for traces of a substance known as Turbinol.

For the first time since his suspension, he opened up in a one on one interview with Sportsnet’s Jamie Campbell.

He opens up to the point of breaking down in tears. We all had our judgments as soon as the suspension was handed down, but watching this interview might change a couple minds. Even I was one to toss aside his initial statement. I didn’t want to hear how much he loved baseball. I figured he was just another Ryan Braun. But after watching this interview, I’m not so sure anymore. He makes some good points here that make a ton of sense.

I’m not totally dismissing him of guilt, but just convincing you to watch this interview.

Seed Sack


Does this interview change your thoughts about Chris Colabello and this whole situation?