Chicago Cubs: A Bump in the Road

The Cubs will get back on track.


Before you start thinking the worst about the Cubs making the playoffs, calm down. Every team in baseball is going to go through stretches where they can’t find a way to win. The Cubs are just hitting that streak right now. They’re four for their last ten, but it’s okay. Take a breath. I, too, am a die-hard cubs fan but I’m definitely not freaking out.

They have an off day today (9/3) which means more rest time for Schwarber and his sore ribs, but it also means more rest time for everyone else on the squad after another exciting finish.

Last night, after a tough loss and a tough error that led to Joey Votto destroying and 3 run homerun, Kris Bryant told Jesse Rogers of ESPN, “[That situation] is different but that’s not an excuse for letting it get through me.” Bryant took responsibility for his error and did not give any excuses for his blunder. No matter, it is still a bright future for the youngster because he didn’t make an excuse.
If you’re a smart fan, you know that’s what you want to see from a rookie. Besides, he one of the top candidates for NL rookie of the year and just look at that smile. (photo credit:

There is no reason to freak out. There are five weeks left in the season and the Cubs are about to rebound and over take the Pirates for the first wildcard spot. Then, Arrieta takes the bump for the Wildcard game and shoves. After that, Lester takes apart the Cardinals in game one and then it’s all over from there.  R E L A X. Every ESPN analyst has picked the Cubs to keep the second Wildcard spot. The Cubs are going to explode and play some good ball, so sit back, relax, and enjoy one hell of a ride.