Chase Utley is Back Leg Hunting


Well it didn’t take very long since Chase Utley’s last go around with slide drama to be back out here leg hunting.

Tonight on Opening night in Los Angeles Chase Utley came into a play at the plate, and went right for Derek Norris’s legs. The new slide rules have eliminated a player’s ability to intentionally up end a defensive player, whether at second base or home plate. The “Buster Posey Rule” as they call it, established even prior to this season, also clarified what was okay and not okay when it comes to plays at the plate. What’s not okay is what Chase Utley attempted to do here, and almost did, had it not been for the ball beating him by quite a bit and Derek Norris being prepared.

Chase Utley slide almost takes out Derek Norris

Now we all know the Dodgers fans and all the tough guy fans around the game, that think MLB is soft because it puts in rules to protect its players, are going to be up in arms about calling this a questionable slide. I’d like to point out the miles of free space on the outside the the plate that Utley could have, and should have slid. It’s no longer fresh news that you can’t go out of your way to take out a catcher. Most of the time you can argue whether or not a player actually had room to avoid contact. This case, not so much. Chase Utley you moron, the baseball gods are surely watching, and karma is coming your way.