Caught on Camera: MLB Fan Gifs


I don’t know about you, but when my favorite player crushes a home run, I just feel like dancing. I feel like pumping my fists in the air, maybe jumping up and down on the couch a few times.

However, if there’s a strike out, you might hear one of two things: something breaking, or an explicit word or two.

This is probably the reason my family insists that I watch the game alone.
Nonetheless, the fan reactions in baseball are priceless, and can relate to almost any curveball life throws at us.

Take this kid for example. Who knows if his team just had a series of back to back errors? He could have just dropped a foul ball? Dad ate his hot dog? Or maybe he was just over the entire thing.

Seed Sack
There’s always this guy, a bit worried about his Cards. We may not have seen what happened on the field, but his face says it all.

Next we have this champ, and his classic catch. The “foul ball and the beer” snag is something to be treasured and remembered forever, after you finish off the cup that is.

Baseball isn’t always fun when your team is losing, even after a few beers. This guy seems a little flustered over the game, to say the least.

We can’t forget about this sneaky boy, and his ingenious deceptive ways. You go, kid.

Of course, I think dabbing is the only appropriate way to respond to this wicked awesome catch, and the fact that both this young Angel’s fan and his dad hit it makes it ten times better.

So the next time you find yourself screaming at the TV with anger or joy, remind yourself that at least your reaction isn’t being projected¬†on the big screen for the whole world to make a gif out of.