Texas A&M Catcher’s Mask Explodes after Taking Foul Tip

Texas A&M catcher mask explodes

Catchers have one of the most brutal physically demanding jobs in all of sports. Just having to squat behind the plate for 3 hours is rough enough, but factor in all the abuse, and you should never expect me to volunteer to play the 2 position.

Texas A&M catcher’s mask got his bell rung after this foul ball off the bat, right to his forehead.

The foul ball hit him so hard it shattered the front of his helmet. A lot of catchers nowadays use two piece helmets, but some still opt for the hockey goalie style helmet. It’s not uncommon to see catcher’s masks take foul balls, and often times they shake it off as if nothing happened. But occasionally a catcher will take one square off the dome, and trust me, they’

Crazy thing about watching this, is knowing that this wasn’t the first time this happened to Texas A&M catcher Michael Barash. It’s not even the first time in the LAST TWO WEEKS. He had another helmet broken two weeks prior. Barash said he’s kept the pieces from his broken helmet as a piece of personal memorabilia.