Carlos Martinez Sued for Giving Woman STD

Carlos Martinez STD

St. Louis Cardinals Carlos Martinez is being sued in Florida by a woman for giving her an STD.

The woman is apparently an on-and-off again girlfriend that Martinez has been seeing. The woman alleges that Carlos Martinez swore that he didn’t have any STDS. The woman said she felt ill a couple days after banging Martinez, and found out she then had an STD

Seed SackNo mention of what kind of STD we’re talking here but she did say the “non life-threatening” kind. It’s a civil suit filed in Florida for $1.5 million. The incident happened in September, and the woman claims that Martinez left for Dominican Republic shortly after the incident, and dodged her phone calls.

His attorney Ruben Scolavino denies the entire story. “I can tell you most assuredly the allegations are 100 percent false.”

The girl said Martinez “swore to God he was not infected with any sexually transmitted diseases.”

Haha oh did he? I honestly didn’t know you could even be sued over something like this outside of transmitting HIV. How is this even proved? How do you prove that Carlos Martinez was the one who gave her that particular disease? Gotta be careful with these girls around here nowadays, boys. Not to say Martinez is innocent. Don’t lie about STDs either kids…or just don’t get any?