7 Year Old Cancer Survivor Beckham Zobrist Gets Cubs Prosthetic Eye

Beckham Zobrist Cubs Eye

7 year old Beckham Zobrist was diagnosed with retinoblastoma back in 2012. The cancer required doctors to remove his right eye.

Fox Sports – The cancer was located behind his eye, and according to doctors, the only way to prevent it from spreading to his brain, was to remove it through his right eye. According to Beckham Zobrist’s parents, he experienced bullying and harassment from the other kids his age. He even asked them for a new eye for Christmas one year. What a heart breaking story, and an even tougher thing to hear as a parent.

His mother Erin Zobrist obviously explained to Beckham that they couldn’t get him a new eye, but the parents of the year came through with the next best thing for the little Cubs fan cancer survivor. A close second to a new eye, would be a prosthetic eye with a Cubs logo on it.

Where do people come up with ideas like this? Who knew that was possible? I’m not sure but this is awesome.

Along with a new Cubs tatted eye, Beckham Zobrist got the chance to tour Wrigley Field and meet some of his favorite players. One of those players was fellow cancer survivor, Anthony Rizzo.

You go, buddy.