What Cal Ripken Jr Wants to Change About Baseball

Cal Ripken Jr

Cal Ripken Jr officially became apart of Major League Baseball again. He was named Senior Advisor to Rob Manfred on youth programs & outreach.

Who knows what that actually means, but it really means another Hall of Famer and one of the greats now has a bit more influence on the future of the game.

He took to MLB’s Twitter to answer some questions from the fans in video format (kinda cool). Of all the standard questions he was asked, one caught my eye. One person asked him what he would change about the game of baseball. Here’s what he said:

Well here we go again on the age old argument about the designated hitter in baseball. But I think Cal Ripken Jr has an opinion that has more supporters than either individual side of the DH argument. Whether you believe in pitchers hitting or not, I think over 50% of people would agree that it doesn’t make much sense to have two different leagues playing with different rules.

Imagine if the AFC eliminated kickers and the NFC had one. When they play crossover games, the NFC has to have someone who’s not used to kicking attempt extra points. What if the Eastern Conference in the NBA played with the hoop at 11 feet?

To have them playing with different rules is pretty silly, especially with the new interleague structure. It’s not just the Indians playing the Reds once a year, it’s for the most part a year long routine to play these games. Look at the playoff race in 2015 and how close it was ith so many teams. When a race ends that closely, that shows that though there are a ton of games over the course of a season, every game truly does matter.

I’m with Cal Ripken here, both leagues need to be playing with the same rules. Agree?