Bumgarner Goes Yard off of Kershaw, Again


In a great pitching match-up between the Giants and Dodgers, one of those pitchers took the other deep.

Yes, that’s Madison Bumgarner taking Clayton Kershaw yard for the second time in his career. On May 21 of last year, Bumgarner hit a 415-foot HR off Kershaw.

For Kershaw, that absolutely blows. You go into the game knowing you have another ace on the opposing team, and you want to show everybody that you’re the better hurler. You’ve already given up a bomb to him in the previous season, and you probably tried everything in your power to forget about it.

Then, MadBum takes you deep again. Kershaw reacted to the dinger with a little “Are you f*cking shitting me?”, and he will probably wake up every morning from this day forward saying the same thing.

In my opinion, Clayton Kershaw is a better pitcher than Madison Bumgarner. Many of you probably agree with me, but others think MadBum’s the next Sandy Koufax or some shit. But MadBum is certainly a “Pitcher Who Rakes”.