Picture of Bryce Harper’s Jaguar


Bryce Harper posted a picture of his (new?) ride on twitter today.

I could be mistaken, but Bryce hasn’t really been the type to show off all the cars, houses, money, and extravaganzas that a guy like Puig does. Everyone wants to bitch about not liking Harper because he’s cocky and arrogant, but off the field there’s really no evidence of him being that kind of person. I’m a Harper fan, he just has a passion and a fire between the lines that can rub some people the wrong way. Make baseball fun again, let the guy have fun. I digress… Bryce Harper’s Jaguar is a beauty

He posted this picture of what I believe to be a Jaguar XKR. Pretty nasty ride if you ask me. Of course this was 99% likely an ad he was required to post in return for the car and endorsement.

This ride is listed starting at $84,500 with up to 500 horsepower. The picture is black and white I wish I knew what color it was?