Bryce Harper Gives Homeless Woman Jar of Cash


Last weekend the Washington Nationals were in Chicago for a 3 game set with the Cubs. On Sunday, Bryce Harper reached base 7 times on 6 walks and 1 HBP. But that wasn’t his most impressive performance of the day.

Facebook user named Asheley Marie posted a status on Facebook about Bryce Harper that has gotten some attention, but not enough. Check this out.



Asheley worked security near the Washington Nationals bus location at Wrigley on Sunday where she described something incredible. Bryce Harper got off the bus and gave a jar of cash to a homeless woman across the street sitting under a tree with a dog. This is something you won’t hear in the media surrounding Harper, but I’m glad to share it.

Seed Sack


Theres an important lesson here beyond generosity and giving to the homeless. The media and baseball fans like to picture Bryce Harper as this arrogant, cocky, god-like baseball player. Can’t really blame them for that. It makes a good story in the Trout v Harper comparisons. Trout’s the good guy, and Harper is the bad boy. On the field that may be 100% true. Bryce plays the game with a fire and a confidence that you don’t see much anymore, and may be slightly frowned upon. But what we need to learn here is something that may be hard for a lot of people to understand, particularly people that have never played baseball or any sport at a high competitive level (college / professionally).

When a ball player steps between the lines, some of them become different animals. Bryce Harper is one of those. You can’t judge a guy’s character by what you see between the lines. It’s a brutal game in Major League Baseball, particularly along the journey from youth travel baseball to the big leagues. There are plenty of talented players at every level. What separates the great players from the good players, happens between the ears.

Well done, Bryce.