Bryce Harper Emoji Knob Decal Game 100


Bryce Harper doesn’t come off as a guy who likes to follow a ton of rules. Could be a big reason he turns a lot of people off. Not me, though. I’m a fan. But just weeks after Major League Baseball said no more on the knob decals, the Bryce Harper emoji knob decal made an appearance.

But I don’t think it was supposed to be much of a sneaky secret. He posted a picture of a couple of his woodies with the new 100 emoji sticker on them. He says it’s his favorite emoji (because now we live in a world where we’re excited to learn about our favorite baseball players’ favorite emojis), but it holds some other significance as well. At his ripe old age, Harper is one homer shy of the 100 mark. Kinda cool to hit your 100th career homer with a 100 emoji on the knob of your bat I guess.

Maybe it’s time for a new section of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown for osme more modern, social media related stuff. Could you imagine a wing of the Hall decorated in famous tweets or blog posts? Famous Vines or Instagram videos? Bats with 100 emojis on it? I’m a fan, I’d like to pay a visit.

Favorite Emoji, now my bat sticker! What's your favorite? #💯

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